Derek Fisher has participated in numerous industry publications, podcasts, and talks. Here is a round-up of these insightful conversations.

Securely Built has a YouTube channel where we release periodic content on how to be more secure and manage your security and privacy. Subscribe here


Securely Built has worked with Manning Publishing to release a technology book on addressing security in the development lifecycle. This book is for professionals that are working on developing software and need to consider the risk and threats that are unique to developed software. You can pick up a copy here.

Application Security Program Handbook

Securely Built has published several children’s books on using technology safely and securely. This chapter book series was written for 6-9 year old children and follows Alicia as she learns how to use technology in a secure manner. You can learn more about the series at the Alicia Connected Site or go to Amazon to pick up a copy.

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Alicia Connected Series


The Future of AppSec Podcast

Agent of Influence Podcast

The Application Security Podcast

Friendly Fire Podcast: Securing from the inside out

Resilient Cyber Podcast

Effectively Scoring Risk in Application Security


Contrast customer Derek Fisher on how to empower dev & security teams

MetroKids Magazine – Technology Safe: How to protect your kids

CIO Applications – Effectively Maintaining Software Dependencies

App sec and the supply chain: Work in tandem with engineers to achieve true software security

CIO Applications: Turning AppSec on its head

Industry Talks

The ROI of developer-driven security

DevSecOps Leadership Forum, Financial Services

Application Security 2021

Ransomware in 2021

We need to demystify application security

Risk Rating a vulnerability