Why is security important

We face security challenges every day in our digitally connected world. Whether we are interacting with others on our devices or social media, working with productivity applications, or developing solutions for customers that store their information, security needs to be an integral part of how we approach technology. We now know that there are security breaches, large or small, on a daily basis. These breaches impact individuals and organizations across the globe releasing personal information and putting people at risk.

As individuals who use and create technology, we are linked directly to the impacts of how security is integrated into that technology. We provide training an exam for anyone that wants to earn their drivers license, however we do not do the same as it relates to using technology safely and securely.

Securely Built aims to change that as we work to provide training and resources for individuals as they create and use technology. Leveraging decades of experience in engineering and security, let Securely Built help you become more secure.

How can Securely Built help

Securely Built has decades of experience in the engineering and security field providing services to enterprises across different industries. Drawing on its experience in driving security projects, providing security education, performing threat models, security and risk assessments, vulnerability management, driving adoption of security analysis tools, writing security requirements, guidelines and standards as well as working with teams to ensure the security processes are understood and followed. With a firm understanding of what security controls and policies work in various architectures throughout the development life cycle, let Securely Built bring security to your organization.

Security Consulting

Securely Built can provide you with the security insight and guidance you need during you next project. Through our “cybersecurity in a box” method, we will review your current state and develop the path to a more secure future.

Security Education

Have your training tailored to your needs based on your industry and security concerns. Offering both technical and non-technical training for those that are interested in raising their security IQ.